BRAHMAKSHATRIYA - ब्रह्मक्षत्रिय

Jay Shree Hinglaj Maa - Brahmkshatriya Kuldevi

The beginning of Brahmakshatriya

The great poem of Indian History “THE MAHABHART” and other collection shows the beginning of the Brahmakshatriya. In the ancient time “ TRETA YUG ” we were the emperors of ” SURYAVANSHI HAIHAL CAST ” but we were of the short temper, bad word user and liar. We were not giving respect to the saints, religous people and also not obeying the ” ARYA ” religion.

Jay Shree Hinglaj Maa - Brahmkshatriya Kuldevi
राज राजेश्वरी श्री हिंगलाज माँ

Once upon a time HAIHAL king Sahstrarjun was entered in the Ashram of Jamdagni by wondering here and there. The saint was owning KAMDHENU cow. With the positive impact of that cow he had warmed welcomed the king and his force and gave them sufficient food. After enjoying these, king became greedy for the cow and demanded for it. Basically the saint denied irresponsible person Haihal King’s demand. King went on his basic nature and had runaway forcefully with kamdhenu.

Hinglaj Mantra : Jay Hinglaj Maa
ॐ हिंगुले परम हिंगुले ,अमृत रुपेणी तनु शक्ति मन: शिवे श्री हिंगुलाय नम:

When Parshuram came to Ashram, Saint told him the story. Parshuram – who is known as BHARGAVA, had given promise to his father “ I will kill the person who had kidnapped our kamdhenu ” after that he was settled at Hingul Mountain for meditation. God Shankar became happy with the Parshuram after his 24 years rigorous meditation. God Shankar gave Parshu to Bhargav and made him winner. “ Establish my temple here ” ordered by God Shankar to Bhargava. From that time, that territory was known as “Ramkshetra” and was considered as Holy place of India.

Bhagwan Parshuram

This Parshuram – RamBhargav had killed Sahstrarjuna at Mahishmati Nagri with his Parshu. The sons of Sahstrarjun had decided to take revenge. They had kill the Saint Jamdagni at the Ashram in the absence of Bhargava Parshuram. After the arrival of Parshuram his mother Renuka had informed him about the happening and was gone in deep sorrow. Rambharga became extremely angry on them and decided to make earth without Kshatriyas and to achieve this goal he was wondering ARYAVRAT. He had killed the sons of Sahstrarjun.

One king, named as Ratnasen was ruling at Sindh state. He is of the SURYAVANSHI, VAIVAST cast. He had five queens. They all are pregnant. When king had heard that Parshuram is coming to his state, he was upset by fear. Who was saved from the Parshu of Parshuram ? He came at the bank of the river Saraswati at the Ashram of Saint Dadhichi. Saint had given him protection and ordered him not to go out side the territory of the Ashram.

After the passing of the time Queens gave birth to the Sons. Queen Chandramukhi gave birth to son named as Jaysen, Padmini to Binduman, Padma to Vishal, Sukumari to Chandrashal and kushavati  to Bharat.

Once upon a time King Ratnasen went for hunting and had crossed the territory of the Ashram of Saint Dadhichi. In that times there is a rule that there is no war in the Ashram but boarder crossed king found only Parshuram and Parshuram killed the king Ratnasen.

For many a times when King Ratnasen had not returned to Ashram, Saint and teenager sons of King had started the search in the Jungle. They found dead body of the King. Dead Body was brought to Ashram. Every body were crying and scene was full of sorrow and five queens of the king decided to become SATI. After taking bath in the river Saraswati, they had entered the funeral of the king and went to heaven. And Saint Dadhichi adopted all the five sons of king.

Maharshi Dadhichi
Maharshi Dadhichi

Saint Dadhichi gave knowledge and Sanskar of Brahmin cast. Their behavior became like Brahmins. Once again Parshuram came to the Ashram of  Saint Dadhichi when he was wondering. After seeing all these five sons of king with other brahming sons, Parshuram was suspected. As per the direction of  Saint Dadhichi, Parshuram had tested these sons of  king. After verification he didn’t found any differece, Sons are with the wide knowledge of Ved, Sankhya, Mantras etc. 

Eventhough Parshuram was not satisfied. He asked Saint Dadhichi to take lunch in the same dish. Saint had cheated Parshuram. He had drawn mild line and seat for food. After seeing this Bhargava was satisfied.

Parshuram had taken Jaysen with him as a Student. He told that he will teach him all the tricks of war. Saint Dadhichi had changed the name of Jaisen to Jaisharma. Rest of four brother can’t accept the absence of one. But they became out of danger. Jaisharma had served for 12 years for the Parshuram and praised him. Bhargave had made him his favorite student and tought him good tricks of war and shown it physically. Other Ved was taught by Saint Dadhichi to Jaisharma but Dhanurved was taught by Parshuram.

Jaisharma became efficient after completing all the knowledge from BhargavRam. Once Parshuram take away Jaisharma to Prabhastirth for holy purpose. There he slept on the legs of the Jaisharma, there he thought for taking exam of Jaisharma. He forgot the past and future. He put three arrow on the tore of the Dhanush named – Brahmastra, Shivastra and Vishnuastra. There is upsettlement in the sky. God Indra became anger, but he didn’t know the reason, at the same time Narad Muni had came there and told about that act of Jaisharma. Indra done the trick to stop this things. He had taken the act of Scorpio and bite on the upper leg of the Jaisharma and hot blood of  Kshatriya was flowing under the head of Parshuram. Jaisharma had didn’t moved his body. Brahmin didn’t this type of quality, but Jaisharma was not original Brahmin. He was Kshatriya. So, he was seating there bearing the unbearable pain.

Indra didn’t satisfied with this. With the act of scorpion he had bite on the ear of the Parshuram. Parshuram was disturbed from his sleeping. Jaisharma told about the reason of the disturbance. Parshuram has now known that Jaisharma was Kshatriya and not Brahmin. Jaisharma-Jaisen had accepted from his own mouth that he is Khatriya. He was fearing that Parshuram will give him punishment. He had fell down the steps of the Parshuram and begged for kind. Parshuram thought that Jaisen had became Brahmin by the Act and knowledge and if he kill him that he would be with the burden of one murderer. So, with this thought he gave him punishment that “ All the knowledge given to you about war will be failed and you will known as Brahmakshatriya on the earth.”

Jaisen had begged so much to the Parshuram. Parshuram had realized the service given by the Jaisen. Parshuram had advised to take the surrender of the Saint Dadhichi. Parshuram immediately went on the Mahendra Mountain. Jaisen was effected very badly. He went for suicide at the Gandaki River. There he was stopped by Saint Gautam and told for the acceptance of the surrender of the Saint Dadhichi. Saint Gautam himself carried him to the Saint Dadhichi. Saint Dadhichi asked Jaisen about his health. Jaisen told all the fact to the Saint Dadhichi. He advised Jaisen to left the sorrow and became Purohit onceagain. Jaisen told that you are parents and everything. Please accept my Purohit status. Saint Dadhichi replied that he was not able to accept the Purohit status of the King. Whatever the sins done by the king will affect the saint also. So, any body from his breed, put him as Purohit Status and live happily with them. Don’t disobey their promise, otherwise you would be went to hell. If you behave like this and will make PUJA of Brahmin than I will accept your Purohit Status. If you abolish Purohit than your ascendants and descendants will be no more.

King Jaisen had given Purohit status to Saint. Saint had given HingulaDevi Mantra as a gift. The mantra is as under :

ॐ हिंगुले परम हिंगुले ,अमृत रुपेणी तनु शक्ति मन: शिवे श्री हिंगुलाय नम:|

 After that Saint came in the territory of Hingula Devi with these five brothers and was seat in the meditation. He had made rigorous meditation for 12 years, so Devi became happy on him. She asked to Jainsen to get VARDAN from her. Jaisen requested for the abolition of  punishment given by Parshuram. Devi replied to Jaisen that she couldn’t abolish the punishment of Parshuram. But Devi became emotional on Jaisen and his brothers and shown one special secret PUJA – with the help of this they would be able rule for thousands of years. Devi advised king to go in the Sindh state and create his own ruling there. During this time Parshuram had abolition of Kshatriyas from earth (Prithvi Nakshatri) for 21 times, because of this he was cool down and Kshatriyas became safe.

 After this Jaisen was married and after that due to non competence to stand against the offence of Malechchh people and due to this they had been spreaded over the country. With the help of Vishwakarma they learnt the knowledge of some business. Some of them had join army and maintained their Kshatriyas.

Because of all the above things we should meditate the Surya – Gayatri and memories the mantra :

ॐ आदित्याय विध्यमहे शहस्त्रकराय धीमहि तन्नो प्रचोदयात|

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